Typical Application

1 – Sure-Weld Reinforced TPO Membrane
2 – Carlisle Insulation Fasteners and Plates
3 – Acceptable Insulation
4 – Approved Roof Deck
5 – Membrane Fasteners and Plates

Sure-Weld Membrane for Mechanically-Fastened
Systems is available in the following:


White, Gray, Tan

Thickness (mils)

45, 60 and 80

Standard Widths

4′, 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′

Standard Lengths


TPO Membranes 


Carlisle’s Sure-Weld Mechanically-Fastened Roofi ng System utilizes white, gray or tan membranes in standard reinforced 45- or 60-mil thickness or 80-mil thick reinforced Sure-Weld EXTRA. Insulation is mechanically fastened to an acceptable roof deck. Sure-Weld membrane sheets are mechanically fastened to the deck with appropriate Carlisle fasteners and plates. Adjoining sheets are overlapped and joined together with a minimum 1½”-wide hot-air weld. The above information represents a typical Carlisle Sure-Weld MechanicallyFastened Roofi ng System. Refer to Carlisle’s published specifi cations and details for more complete information.

Membrane and System Strengths

  • Sure-Weld membrane is available in white, gray and tan; 4′, 6′, 8′ 10′ and 12′-widths
  • Sure-Weld TPO provides excellent puncture resistance
  • Because Sure-Weld’s refl ectivity values exceed industry standards, the membrane meets the qualifi cations for the ENERGY STAR program
  • Sure-Weld’s refl ectivity values exceed other heat-weldable membranes
  • Sure-Weld’s top ply surface is thicker and smoother than other membranes in the market, providing better welding results and reduced dirt pickup
  • Industry-leading OctaGuard XT Weathering Package provides improved weatherability, durability and long-term rooftop performance.