Typical application

1 – Sure-Seal EPDM Classic Membrane
2 – Carlisle Fasteners and Plates
3 – Carlisle Bonding Adhesive
4 – Acceptable Insulation
5 – Approved Roof Deck

EPDM Membranes for Fully Adhered Roofing Systems are available in the


Black and White

Thicknesses (mils)

45, 60, 75 and 90

Standard Widths

10′ – 30′

Standard Lengths

50’ à 100′

EPDM Membranes


Carlisle’s Sure-Seal Fully Adhered Roofi ng System utilizes 45, 60 and 90-mil Sure-Seal non-reinforced or 45, 60 and 75-mil Sure-Tough™ reinforced membranes. Additionally, Sure-White® may also be utilized to meet ENERGY STAR®, LEED®, Title 24 and CRRC requirements.

Insulation is either mechanically fastened to the roof deck every 2 square feet, adhered with FAST™ Adhesive or set into hot asphalt. Membrane is adhered to the insulation with Carlisle Approved Bonding Adhesive. Adjoining sheets of EPDM are spliced together a minimum of 3” using Carlisle’s SecurTAPE™ or FAT™ technology. The above information represents a typical Carlisle Fully Adhered Roofi ng System. Refer to Carlisle’s published specifi cations and details for more complete information.

Membrane and System Strengths

  • Membrane and System Strengths
  • Available in 10’, 16½’, 20’, 25’ and 30’ widths. These widths of non-reinforced Sure-Seal membrane reduce splices between sheets
  • Using Sure-Tough reinforced membrane increases puncture resistance and tolerates heavy foot traffi c.
  • Carlisle’s Fully Adhered Roofi ng System offers design fl exibility, addresses unconventional building confi gurations and conforms to steeply sloped roof design.